Update: House Concurrent Resolution 1002 passes in the Senate

Jenny Rackl is the program associate for NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota.

By a vote of 23–10, the state Senate passed House Concurrent Resolution 1002 on Monday, January 28. The only Senators voting no on the resolution were Adelstein, Bradford, Jones, Kirkeby, Lucas, Soholt, Tidemann, Tieszen, Vehle, Welke. (Sen. Buhl was excused.)

Sen. Larry Lucas spoke out against the resolution, citing that South Dakota constituents have repeatedly proved that their beliefs do not align with such a resolution. In response to this Sen. Omdahl replied that although he understood that it would go against the wishes of his constituents, he had to serve (and apparently vote with) God.

Sen. Stan Adelstein also opposed the bill, stating that the state legislative branch has no right to interfere with the affairs of the Supreme Court.

Since the NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota office was in Pierre on Monday for Pro-Choice, Pro-Women: Women 4 Women Lobby Day 2013, we witnessed the debate (however brief) and vote for the resolution. Needless to say, it was disappointing and irritating to watch our state Senate act in direct opposition to what those that they were elected to serve would want. South Dakotans are trusting those in the legislature to represent them in the government–but it appears that they only represent their own agenda.


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