HB 1237 moves to the Senate floor

This morning the Senate State Affairs Committee voted 6–3 to send HB 1237 to the Senate floor, with only the Sens. Frerichs, Tieszen, and Lucas voting against it.

Proponents of the bill testified that the extension to the 72-hour mandatory waiting period would allow women to comply with another requirement – that they must make a forced visit to a crisis pregnancy center before receiving care. The centers, according to proponents, can’t possibly be expected to have counselors available for women on the weekends and during holidays, so women must wait longer for services to be available to them. In essence, the concern from proponents is that CPCs are able to coarse women as comfortably and leisurely as possible. Never mind that a women may be in crisis and struggle on the weekends. Or during Christmas.

We are sorely disappointed that HB 1237 has been allowed to progress this far, and we will continue to advocate against it in the Senate.

HB 1237, Senate State Affairs, Do Pass

Olson (Russell) Yea Rave Yea Lucas Nay
Rhoden Yea Brown Yea Tieszen Nay
Frerichs Nay Lederman Yea Johnston Yea
Ayes 6 Nays 3 Excused 0 Absent 0

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