A sunny NARAL July

If you’ve been wondering what’s been happening in the NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota world this summer, the simple answer is: we’ve been celebrating!

Early in the month, the whole NARAL South Dakota team headed west for a weekend in Rapid City.

The weekend began with a fiesta in Whitewood, hosted by our lovely Board Member Elizabeth Moll. “Sangria, Salsa, and Standing up for Choice” was a great success – mouthwatering kabobs, refreshing sangria, the now famed margarita cupcakes and the company were well worth the drive to Whitewood. The fiesta was a great way to celebrate the reproductive choice movement and those we are fortunate enough to work with in the fight!

DSC_1267ImageDSC_1303 DSC_1235

DSC_1292While the team was in Rapid, we also celebrated Pride at the festival sponsored by the Black Hills Center for Equality. There was a great showing of vendors and attendees. The staff proudly sported “NOH8” tattoos, along with many of the festival goers. It was great to be see such an upbeat crowd of people taking pride in equality and all kinds of love.

DSC_0013DSC_0025After the Pride Festival, the League of Young Leaders (LoYL) hosted a happy hour and painting session – and some more celebration of equality.

DSC_0034Be you, for you. We love that!

In July we also celebrated the many triumphs and contributions of our former executive director, Alisha Sedor. While Alisha’s last day with the affiliate was at the end of July, we know that her legacy at the affiliate will carry on in the strength of the fight for reproductive rights in South Dakota.

DSC_0169DSC_0156We have been SO fortune to have a line of strong, fearless leaders who have championed our fight for women’s reproductive rights in South Dakota. Alisha’s departure served as reminder for how important it is to celebrate the strong women we have the good fortune of working with at NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota.

Here’s to August!


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