Susan B. Anthony trusted women

susan-b-anthony-writing-600x350Susan B. Anthony was a passionate activist for women’s rights. She proposed the 19th Amendment to give women the right to vote. She fought so women would have the right to earn an education. She maintained that women deserved better pay and the right to retain their earnings. She believed that women should be able to own property. Susan B. Anthony trusted women. She was definitely a feminist, if not the feminist of her time.

Anthony felt strongly that women needed to right to vote so that politicians would listen to them.

Wait – politicians listen to women? That’s a dream of hers that often still isn’t realized!

But what’s worse, is that her name is being used to brand an anti-choice group with an extreme anti-women agenda: the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA).

NARAL Pro-Choice America and Bridge Project just released a new report exposing the Susan B. Anthony List’s extreme anti-choice agenda for the 2013 and 2014 election cycles. And let me tell you, the legislators they are trying to elect and the legislation they are backing is bad for women.

SBA ListSo here’s a short list of what SBA List wants to do:

–defund Planned Parenthood

–enact extreme anti-choice legislation to ban abortion, support forced ultrasounds, and deny access to birth control

support Todd Akin (“legitimate rape”) and Richard Mourdock (“pregnancy from rape is a gift from God”)

–become an anti-choice “political machine” (like the NRA)

Theirs goals are dangerous; threatening to strip women of bodily autonomy and dignity.

For Anthony, who fought tirelessly for the expansion of women’s rights, it seems disrespectful and deceptive to associate her name with a group working toward the exact opposite goal – to diminish women’s rights and the authority that women have over their own bodies. Anthony believed that women should have custody rights to their children, but there is no evidence that she opposed the right to abortion. That’s why we need to stand up for women against this group – to honor the true, feminist legacy of Susan B. Anthony.

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