‘I want women to be safe’

Dan Buck is the Programming and Grassroots Organizer for NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota

So why do I care about abortion? Simple, I want women to be safe. I want the world to be a fair place where women can make up their own minds about how many kids they’ll have if they even have kids. I want a young girl to grow up and go to college no matter how she got pregnant. I want a mother to say, I have to care for those I have and now is not the time for another. I want these women to be able to make this choice and make it safely. I want them to also do it without fear of judgment.

Abortion has always been there for those that can afford it and unfortunately that hasn’t changed. I want to break down the barriers to access, not just to abortion but to the means of prevent pregnancy to begin with. I believe the more access to prevention we have the fewer abortions there will be. Do I try to reduce the number of abortions because I somehow think they are bad? No, I try to reduce the number of abortions because it’s simpler and easier to prevent an abortion through prevention access than it is to access an abortion. I want young men to also have access to prevention and to know that they need to respect women’s decisions about their bodies. I want them to understand that prevention also protects their futures.

This is my fight even though I will never have an abortion. The simple fact is that I know women who have had abortions and I respect their decision. I will know women who will need an abortion and I will support them and respect their decision. The right to have, the right to not have, and the right to parent those we have, it’s a pretty simple idea as long as politicians stay out of it.

I am proudly pro-choice and trust women to do what they need to do.